Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trip to ShenZen...

Fly to Shenzen on 8th May 2008. Went there with my crime partner in TMR&D, Azura. We are on business trip actually more on job attachment with Flexcomm Pvt Ltd. The weather is fair. Sumtimes i felt like no different with Malaysia. Other than gadget, we can find lots of textiles in Lou Hu...For gadget freak Hua Shian Bay is the place that u must go.Went there for a week.Enjoy the pic =)

Me at DRAGON Pvt Ltd..


Queen Spa..The best Spa dowh =)

Wat the??

Dare to eat??



Buah Pir??

at Window of the world

With Symmid n Flexcomm rep..



s said...

who's your crime partner??
iyer ker nihh???
bukan partner lain yer...mushkil lak..hehehh..

syAmiL said...

bro..agak2 la..kene saman nanti...haha